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Beautiful Dubai: Time-lapse and More

As one of the winners of Conde Nast’s inaugural “Shorties Film Festival,” Joel earned a trip to Dubai and took friend and Cinematographer Max Spang along for the ride. Together they created a feast for the senses with spectacular time lapse, and a feast for the soul with the haphazardly thrown-together musical video “Jew in Dubai.”





Jew In Dubai from Levinson Brothers on Vimeo.

Two New videos from 2776

We’ve released two new videos from our album 2776.

STOP THE PRESSES, about the death of print media, features R.E.M.’s Mike Mills, Zach Sherwin (Comedy Central Records), Colton Dunn (Key & Peele) and Brandon Johnson (Monsters University).

LIVE IT NOW, the last sports anthem you’ll ever need, features the Sklar Brothers, J.K. Simmons, Michael Ian Black, J. Elvis Weinstein (MST3K) and more as they battle a high school girl’s basketball team.

The videos have already gotten coverage on Rolling Stone, SPIN, Stereogum and others.