Katt Williams, Fighting & why Dave Chappelle is still right 10 years later.

I don’t know that much about Katt Williams. He’s funny, he’s pretty adorable, he was raised in Dayton and he’s a successful comedian. I remember seeing him in stuff for at least the past decade, so he’s obviously been working at doing comedy twice that long.

And these days he’s being turned into TMZ and People Magazine fodder and, for all intents and purposes, presented to the world as a crazy man. His life seems to have taken a turn for the worse, and it reminds me powerfully of this clip from the Dave Chappelle interview on Inside The Actor’s Studio a few years back.

Isn’t that what this feels like? Doesn’t it just feel like another comedian working his balls off who’s getting portrayed as an insane lunatic so that someone can sell a few extra magazines or get a few extra clicks? What is happening in Hollywood that can take a guy who’s tough enough to be a dad to eight kids and make this stuff happen?

You wanna see the most infuriating part for me? Check out his wikipedia page. This is a 45 year old man who, apparently, is raising eight children. You know how many sentences there are for about his early life? One.

Williams was born Micah Sierra Williams in CincinnatiOhio on September 2, 1971

You know how much is in there about his arrests? 13 paragraphs. Literally over 50% of his information on that page is about his arrests. And it’s not impossible to find more about his actual life, check his Facebook page, it’s got a full long biography that details his time in the bay area, his successes as a student in Dayton schools, etc.

Do you remember when Kid Rock got into fights? Check out his Wikipedia page.  Legal troubles takes up 1/50th of the page. At first I thought this was because Katt Williams wears hats. But then I realized KID ROCK WEARS HATS TOO! So it can’t be about the hats.

Katt Williams and Kid Rock Wearing Hats

That leaves only one possible conclusion – our society, and particularly our media, have an absolute vendetta against dudes with goatees.

Wait, WTF?! Kid Rock has a fucking Goatee, too? God dammit!

Okay, okay – long straight hair? Ability to play musical instruments? Shit shit shit. You know the worst part? Now I’m looking above at those pictures of Kid Rock and Katt Williams, and I cannot actually remember which one is which anymore. In fact, this is kind of scary – but maybe Katt Williams IS Kid Rock?

Holy shit you guys, has anyone ever seen them in the same place at the same time? Or… or… do you notice how right when Kid Rock’s career started to slow down in the early 2000’s it’s right as Katt Williams career started to take off?!

Ooh! Ooh! Here’s another one, Kid Rock’s name starts with a K, and Katt William’s name starts with a K, which means that if he had monogrammed towels then…

Wait, hold on, I figured it out. Katt Williams might be black. Okay, problem solved. America is racist as hell and Katt Williams is black. Carry on, everyone. No more mystery.






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"Ask the NSA," Ken Jeong stops by Good Morning, Today to answer all your questions about privacy and love.
“Ask the NSA,” Ken Jeong stops by Good Morning, Today to answer all your questions about privacy and love.
The most serious musician of all time talks music
The most serious musician of all time talks music.

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